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Who Should NOT Yoni Steam

As beneficial as steaming your vagina is , there's times when steaming should definitely NOT be an option. First and most importantly, women who are pregnant, or think there is any possibility that they might be pregnant, should NOT do any type of yoni steaming. Doing so may endanger the pregnancy, as many of the herbs used can alter hormone levels and can cause contractions of the uterus. It is also NOT recommended for women who have an Intrauterine Device (IUD). This is because the medicinal properties of the herbs are intended to cause the uterus to contract and shed its lining. When an IUD is present, the risk is that this could cause the uterine tissue to shed or contract in such a way that it could dislodge, shift or expel the IUD. Women who have any type of internal infection (cervical, uterine or ovarian inflammation), or a fever, are encouraged not to steam until the symptoms have passed. Women should also not steam while menstruating or when open sores or blisters are present. During menstruation, the uterus is in its natural process of shedding and releasing. Because this is already an intense, downward moving energy, the added stimulation of a yoni steam may cause heavy bleeding and excess material to flow out. For this reason, it is best to yoni steam on the weeks in which the uterus is in its more restful state.

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