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The Benefits of Waist Beads

The Benefits of Waist Beads

Waist beads, also referred to as beaded waist rings, belly beads or waistline beads, are very sensual feminine accessories. They include small beads on a wire or string worn around the waist or hips in varying colors and shapes. They are built to flatter the stomach, hips and belly of a woman. Waist beads have been worn in many West African cultures by women for generations. They also gained prominence among females in the West in recent years. All women of all colors, shapes, and sizes have embraced these traditions. BENEFITS OF WAIST BEADS 1. It helps with weight loss You may use waist beads to chart your weight instead of getting on a scale every day to know whether there's a gain or a loss. You can quickly know when you add on weight because it would fit closer around your waistline. When you lose weight, on the other hand, the beads surrounding it would feel loose. It also helps to be mindful of the stance in the stomach and seated. To adjust your sitting posture and workout the muscles in your stomach, it will act as a reminder. 2. Boosts Sexual Attraction and Satisfaction When embellishing the waist, these waist beads enhances the sensuality of a woman and makes her more desirable to her partner. The beads make the body an enticing ornament, and your partner will enjoy strumming with the beadings to express their love for their woman and their lust. In improving your partner’s sexual appetite, the waist beads play an important part, and they will find a woman with her waist laced with beaded strings immensely sexy and desirable. 3. Maturity One of the drawbacks of African waist beads is that they are intended to show maturity. For starters, mothers tie beads around their daughter's waist in some African tradition to demonstrate their transformation into womanhood upon their first menstruation. Some Ghanaians still during naming ceremonies, wear baby beads around their waist. And as the children outgrow it it reveals that they have passed onto another period of their lives. 4. Spirituality

Some women who are deeply rooted in spiritual things also wear these beads for good luck. Others believe it does bring them peace, good night rest etc. They also wear them during meditation. They claim it helps bring protection to their heart, mind, body, and soul.

Put on a set of Waist beads; they evoke sexiness, femininity and empowerment. The feeling is magical!

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